Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My quiz bowl teammates, Joshua Duncan and Shivam Patel, and I recently thought of an idea. As there are thousands upon thousands of quiz bowl players across the country and even the world, we came up with an idea of providing a sophisticated studying tool that would help quiz bowlers branch out their knowledge and skills and overall, bring the game to a new level. That being said, our idea is to create a database full of quiz bowl questions from past years and continue to update it with newly released packets. In addition, we also want to provide an online reader that reads the questions to the players in order to help them practice as if it was a real-life situation. After much thought, we conjured up the name--Quinterest. It is a combination of 'quiz bowl' and 'interest'. Many things are still very undetermined, so I'll provide more info later. 

Quiz Bowl

Rohit Lalchandani

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