Monday, July 15, 2013

Introducing Quinterest 1.0

I know that I've been promising this for quite some time now, but Quinterest 1.0 is finally here!

First and foremost, I have made quite a few tiny changes throughout the entire website so that it operates more efficiently and is easier to use.

In been said quite a lot when conversing about quiz bowl; studying bonuses, not just toss-ups alone, is essential to improving yourself as a player. I have now added the ability to search through a database of bonuses. Because this is all fairly new, the amount of bonuses available to search through is minuscule compared the the original tossup database (there are 1034 bonuses available currently, but more are being added every day).

Another feature that has been added is the new "Study" feature. This feature searches through the entire database and returns a specified amount of random questions that the user can study and research. This is an easy way to quickly retrieve questions to study without any hassle.

I have removed the original question search from beta now, as I believe it has been shown to be reliable. I do recognize the few errors still left, but those are still being corrected daily.

There is also a disclaimer. The hosting for Quinterest is not free, and as so, I have made it easy for any inclined users who would like to donate and support Quinterest. It is not required, but for anybody that chooses to donate, my appreciation greatly goes out to them.

One more thing. I would like to thank Joshua Duncan and Jacob Reed for their help with the database.

As usual, if there are any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to send an email to

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