Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just A Small Update

Just A Small Update
Quinterest has been slightly updated (now version 0.9.4). I have now implemented the ability to add search restrictions such as tournament, difficulty, type, and category in the interface friendly version of Quinterest. In addition, I have also updated the interface friendly version of the site so that it doesn't need to refresh the page for results to be shown. Also, simply for satisfactory purposes, I have made it so that when a user visits Quinterest on a mobile device, the site automatically redirects to the interface friendly version since its is a much greater user experience when using a smartphone (I'll be honest; the regular version of Quinterest on mobile devices is not great at all). Don't worry though, the option is still there if you like to use the regular version on a mobile device.

As for information regarding upcoming Quinterest features, I am working diligently to get everything ready, but it's been a fairly slow process in the past few days. Look for Quinterest 1.0 (with the bonus search and more, etc) in the near future. Most likely, it will be launched sometime early next week. Stay tuned! That's all for now.

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